Camera Technique

Shot Types, Camera Movement, POV and Perspective

[Workshop in shot types & camera movement – 0223shotlist]

Here’s a downloadable PDF illustrating the types of shots that have been used, in various combinations, in traditional film and video. I encourage you to experiment with these shots – they are definitely the standard of media language – but also experiment with creating your own types of shots, ones that best suit your own style of filmmaking.

Download PDFs:



Below are a couple of videos that might make it easier to imagine how framing and types of shots are used to construct a readable film/video.

Basic Shot Types

Basic Shots for Filmmaking

Framing & The Rule of Thirds

from Five-Minute Film School/Film Riot

Spike Lee & The Dutch Angle


The Blair Witch

Camera Movement + One-Point Perspective (beware the eye candy)

Spike Lee’s dolly shots collected, thanks to Richard Cruz on Vimeo

Stanley Kubrick’s one-point perspective (i.e. not the rule of thirds) thanks to kogonada on Vimeo


Godard, Woody Allen & Ferris Beuller – Breaking the Fourth Wall

Pierrot le fou (1965)

Annie Hall directed by Woody Allen (1977)

Ferris Beuller’s Day Off directed by John Hughes (1986)